Here’s the “deal” for your first home

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I remember the first training I got from my first sales manager. Never use the word DEAL. His thoughts were that it implied something not quite up to snuff, on the level – or as he said “people will think there’s something your not telling them. Also, he said remember “if it sounds like too good a deal, it is.” People DEAL drugs. People DEAL cards. Courts DEAL with criminals. [Read more…]

5 Secrets Builders Don’t Want You to Know


1. If you don’t have an agent – Builder makes more money

As you ride around new neighborhoods looking at homes you stop and go into a model home. There to greet you is a sales person there who works for the builder. Now here is the secret – the builder has budgeted for there to be both a commission for their agent and an agent to represent the buyer. Now if you work directly with the company agent then the Builder makes more money because they didn’t have to pay an additional Realtor fee. So the truth is if you allow me to represent you, it cost you nothing since the Builder has in their budget my fees. [Read more…]



Maybe it that I’m older – or maybe it’s that I’m persistent – or maybe I’m just stubborn. But for whatever reason one thing I know – If I really want something I am going to do all I can to get it. Most times I may have no idea how. Sometimes I am not very sure how to get it. A lot of the time I have no guess as to even what questions to ask. But I learned a long time ago – THE ANSWER IS ALWAYS NO UNTIL YOU ASK and I will always ask. [Read more…]